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About the Strife Guide

The Strife Guide is a Star Wars the old Republic mastery guide. The SWTOR Guide covers everything from leveling, earning credit, to becoming a top ranked player in PvP, if it is in the game we cover it in our guide. Our goal is to give you a complete knowledge base of the game teaching and instructing you how to level your character the quickest way to 50 to making enough credits where you can't spend them fast enough and every other aspect of the game.

We deliver the content of our guide in many forms, although the main source of content is in our instructional videos. We add new videos every day allowing you to watch and learn new PvP strategies, new methods of making credits, or follow our leveling guides to reach 50 in the quickest time for each class. While the majority of our guide is video based we do have in-depth written guides with detailed screenshots and instructions covering many topics in SWTOR.

When you join the Strife Guide you join a community of your fellow players and a roster of some of the top SWTOR players in the world! Discuss videos, strategies, theorycrafting and more with our contributors and other members in a friendly and mature community.

Leveling Guide

SWTOR Leveling Guides

Leveling the easy way

Reaching level 50 in a game as big as SWTOR is no easy task. Our set of class leveling guides are designed to show you how to level to 50 in the quickest most efficient time. Instead of wasting hours on end trying to figure out what to do next you can play along side us as we guide you through each quest all the way up to 50.

The right build for you

Once you hit level 10, you are presented with a massive talent tree that effects your classes play style and abilities with little explanation on what they do or the best builds. Our class guides are designed to break down each talent tree showing you where to put every single point to best fit your play style, along with how to use all your spells/abilities.

Class Guides

Covering the Classes

The class guides cover everything imaginable that you could possibly need for all 4 classes and the 8 advance classes. From the best talent builds to skill rotations to maximize your DPS or healing we have videos on them all.

Learning your class

Our videos are broken down into categories allowing you to easily sort the hundreds of tutorials to quickly find the ones on your class. This allows you to quickly find the videos you want to watch and start learning.

SWTOR Class Guides

Credit Guide

SWTOR Credit Guides

Making Credits

Credits, everyone needs them and everyone wants them. The give you the ability to buy the best weapons and armor in the game that will give you a distinct advantage over other players. Although the ability to make enough credits needed can be a daunting task. Our credits guides will teach you the best methods and strategies to make maximize the amount of credits you earn while you play so you never need to worry about credits again.

Earning while you play

The key to making credits efficiently is learning to earn lots of credits while you play and not spend half your time focusing on how to earn credits. Our video guides will teach you how to make credits in ever aspect of the game from using your trade skills, the kiosk, and while you level.

PvP Guides

Learning from the pros

The main effort of the Strife Guide is to drastically reduce the time for you to reach your goals. Our library of hundreds of instructional videos gives you the edge you need in PVP! Our PvP guides cover every topic in PvP working to improve your skill in the Warzones and your overall skill as a player.

Notice the improvement

With hundreds of instructional videos and access to the best players in the world you will see noticeable improvement in rating and skill level immediately.



  • Leveling Guides

    Our leveling guide videos guides you through the quickest and most efficient way to level your character to 50. Our videos give you detailed instructions when leveling each class with the best routes and quests to complete.

  • Credit Guide

    The credit guide videos teach you how to make millions of credits in every area of the game. Learn how to effectively make the most credits while leveling to becoming a master of the Auction House we have it all.

  • Flashpoint Guides

    We break down and discuss each flashpoint giving you detailed instructions on every boss fight. Watch and learn the best ways to take down every boss so you can guide your group to victory.

  • Guide Community

    One of the highlights to the Strife Guide is the great community, with thousands of members you can engage in constructive conversations about each video asking questions and helping each other out.

  • Video Guides

    The Strife Guide focuses on teaching your through videos. Members receive access to our video library where you can watch our video guides on every aspect of the game from leveling to becoming a top ranked player in PvP.

  • Class Guides

    The class videos cover everything from leveling to PvP. We teach you the right builds to fit your style of gameplay with every class and how to master your role so your at the top of the DPS charts in every group.

  • PvP Guides

    Our videos break down the thought process of the best players in the world teaching you the strategies and skills needed to become one of the top ranked players and lead the way in every Warzone.

  • Guide Updates

    All members receive access to free updates for life. We add new videos almost every day which members can access instantly allowing you to get new content and information on a daily basis.

  • Leveling Guides
  • Class Guides
  • Credit Guides
  • PvP Guides
  • Video Guides
  • Crafting Guides
  • Advance Class Guides
  • Warzone Guides
  • Spec Guides
  • Companion Guides
  • Talent Builds
  • Member Blog
  • No Hacks or Exploits
  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • Free Updates


The videos have been an excellent resource, they are well thought out and updated often.

Tommy: 38 Jedi Knight

Your site is AMAZING! Keep releasing the more videos I watch them every night after I get done playing.

Nick K: 27 Jedi Sage

I love the videos, learning from your videos beats reading a guide any day!

Antiquity: 19 Sith Warrior

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